NY Times Asks: Can Germans Laugh at Hitler?

by MarcusW on May 19, 2009

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The Producers in Berlin - New York Times Article

THE PRODUCERS in Berlin - New York Times Article

After taking Broadway by storm in 2001, winning more TONY Awards than any other show in history, THE PRODUCERS has repeated its success across the US and around the world, with notable (and lauded) productions in Italy, Prague, Buenos Aires and even Tel Aviv.

Still, THE PRODUCERS has never played anywhere in Germany until now…and the NY Times has a wonderful feature article on the new production and the heated cultural debate about the Mel-Brooks Comedy.

Eight years after conquering Broadway and much of the rest of the world, Mel Brooks’s musical “The Producers” opened in Berlin.

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    Martin Cosentino May 31, 2009 at 2:10 pm

    I would think that anyone over 50 left from that generation would have too many
    painful memories, and not enough youth, to laugh at DER FUEHRER. This cultural
    attitude is possible in America and in any country that did not suffer from the murderous
    Nazi plague. We Americans were the victors in that terrible conflict, although we lost over 600,000 citizens, along with the British, French and Russians. The Russians especially, suffered terribly, losing over 20 million of their citizens in that war. “The Producers” might not play as well in Stalingrad (St.Petersburg) as it did in Buenos Aires. I can see why it
    would play well in Tel Aviv, but it is by the younger generations that this American musical
    is being viewed. They have only book knowledge of the conflict, much like the Boomers
    viewed World War 1, and the Germans again then as an overtly hostile nation that
    needed to be humiliated. William Shirer quoted a Nuremburg tribunal judge as saying
    “The guilt of Germany for the Third Reich will last a thousand years.” Maybe he is right.

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