New JANE EYRE Feature Film Opens to Rave Reviews!

by TylerP on March 11, 2011

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JANE EYRE: A Musical DramaInsanity. Romance. Secrets. These are the words that might come to mind while taking a walk through the ethereal English moors of a 5-time Tony nominated Broadway musical, JANE EYRE. This musical adaptation of the 19th century novel, by the same name, features the work of composer/lyricist Paul Gordon and book-writer/lyricist John Caird (CANDIDE; CHILDREN OF EDEN) and is currently available for licensing by MTI.

The novel, written by Charlotte Bronte and praised as a 'classic' in literature, has been the source of many feature films and studio remakes throughout the years. A brand-new adaptation of the original story, envisioned by filmmaker Cary Fukunaga (Sin Nombre), was released to audiences worldwide on Friday, March 11, and the critical reaction has been overwhelmingly positive! As of its opening release date, JANE EYRE had received an impressive rating of + 90% on the critics' Rotten Tomatoes meter.

Rolling Stone says… “Cary Joji Fukunaga has reanimated a classic for a new generation, letting 'Jane Eyre' resonate with terror and tenderness.”

The NY Post: “After 160 years, this is a story that still grips the heart and the mind.”

The NY Times: “A splendid example of how to tackle the daunting duty of turning a beloved work of classic literature into a movie.”

USA Today says… “In its superbly spare execution, the newest adaptation of Jane Eyre is both faithful to Charlotte Brontë's classic and distinctively original.”

For tickets, showtimes, and to watch the trailer, visit the film's official website. Share stories, ideas, and check out the latest community rentals on the JANE EYRE show page at MTI ShowSpace. To find out more about JANE EYRE the musical and how you can license this title, click here.

Michael Fassbender (left) and Mia Wasikowska (right) in Focus Features JANE EYRE

Michael Fassbender (left) and Mia Wasikowska (right) in Focus Features JANE EYRE

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