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by WhitneyU on May 24, 2011

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Coby Getzug Spring Awakening Second National Tour

After claiming 8 Tony Awards in 2007 including Best Musical, Best Book, and Best Score, SPRING AWAKENING found its rightful place among the most prestigious of musicals.  And now, SPRING AWAKENING is ready to find its place in your theatre’s season.

Exploring teenage angst to its core, SPRING AWAKENING tackles the challenges young people face on their road to adulthood. The show is set to a hauntingly powerful pop / rock score by Duncan Sheik and Steven Sater, and is based on Frank Wedekind’s, controversial turn-of-the-century play, Frühlings Erwachen.

What’s It About?

The show is set in 1891 Germany and follows six teenage boys and five teenage girls as they make their way through the minefield of adolescence.  Although it focuses heavily on Wendla Bermann, Melchior Gabor, and Moritz Stiefel, the piece is largely an ensemble show.  With grippingly tight, emotionally-charged harmonies littering the score, audiences are drawn deeply into each individual’s story.

Cast of Przebudzenie Wiosny (Spring Awakening) at Teatr Rozrywki

Wendla is struggling with feelings that are foreign to her and asks questions of the “Mama Who Bore Me.” Melchior the intellectual knows exactly what his feelings are, but is struggling with “All That’s Known” and the unfair amount of power adults possess.  Moritz is basically struggling with everything and doesn’t know how to relieve the pressure surrounding him explaining, “I Don’t Do Sadness.” And hoping for clarification on all of the issues they face, the young people turn to their parents for answers, all of whom only make things more confusing by dancing around “uncomfortable” subjects.   In the absence of sound advice, the children’s worlds begin to unravel.  SPRING AWAKENING calls on parents to inform their children that the adolescent emotions and experiences they face are a normal part of life and growing up.

Is This The Right Show for Our Theatre?

SPRING AWAKENING can effectively play theatres of all sizes and can be dressed up, or dressed down as much as the production company deems appropriate.   A few typical production choices are onstage seating for some audience members and the use of hand-held microphones when the characters begin to sing.  But it’s a piece that can be performed with the highest production values a theatre can muster, or just a blank stage.

Pomladno Prebujenje (Spring Awakening) at Mestno Gledalisce Ljubljansko

Most importantly, SPRING AWAKENING is a character-driven musical, and although the characters are primarily teenagers, the subject matter is adult and best suited for a theatre with a mature audience.  The roles also require a high level of musicality and strong acting chops.  However, both actors and audiences will find these characters and the challenges they face  incredibly “real” and accessible.  Because of the universal themes, anyone over the age of 18 has dealt with one or more of the issues addressed in the show.

SPRING AWAKENING is a fantastic piece for any theatre that revels in the idea of fresh and innovative musicals.  License the rights to perform SPRING AWAKENING today and watch your audiences leave your theatre declaring “I Believe”.

Licensing and Community

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    Tatiana Breger May 25, 2011 at 10:10 am

    Are there any other songs to listen to as this one didnt really interest me very much..very cliched melody.

    JasonC May 27, 2011 at 8:29 am

    We have reference recordings available if you’re interested:

    Jonathan Warman May 28, 2011 at 3:12 pm

    I would be thrilled to direct this anywhere!

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