Young Frankenstein

The Stories Behind MTI’s 2012 New Releases MISS SAIGON (SCHOOL EDITION), the LITTLE MERMAID (JR) and A LITTLE PRINCESS became the newest WOMEN ON THE VERGE OF A NERVOUS BREAKDOWN after the LOVE STORY between BONNIE AND CLYDE turned them into TOXIC AVENGERs. The BURNT PART BOYS started WORKING on a ROAD SHOW with the [...]


After the success of THE PRODUCERS in 2001, director, writer, actor and producer Mel Brooks adapted another of his outrageously hilarious movies into a musical. The film, which Brooks describes as his “best” is Young Frankenstein, and the musical shares the now iconic title. Mixing his unique sense of humor with a toe-tapping score, YOUNG [...]

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In the fourth installment of our Marquee Q & A, actress Anne Horak catches up with MTI’s Tyler Paul to discuss YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN, Susan Stroman & Mel Brooks, and more… Anne Horak, a young actress with a blossoming career, began her journey with a number of leading roles at regional houses fresh out of college. [...]