Saturday Night

You’re the drama director at an all-boys’ school who’s looking for a musical that requires far more young men than young women. Oh, a show with a few female roles is fine, for you can borrow bodies from a nearby all-girls’ school. But still, there aren’t many shows that meet your requirements. After all, you [...]


As has been the case with thousands of musicals before it, MARRY ME A LITTLE starts with an overture. Or does it? Our program tells us that this new Keen Company production with recycled Stephen Sondheim songs is a two-character musical. We’ll meet Him and Her, as they were solely named by Craig Lucas and [...]

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You’ve produced every one of the musicals that Stephen Sondheim has written. As a result, you’ve educated your audiences to know what to expect from the 20th century’s greatest musical theater composer-lyricist: the unexpected. YOU'RE GONNA LOVE TOMORROW is a good piece for you to do if theaters in neighboring towns have recently done SIDE [...]

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MTI CEO Freddie Gershon, and wife Myrna, have partnered with the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC to create and fund a grant program to reward outstanding teachers in honor of their friend, composer and lyricist Stephen Sondheim.  According to the Washington Examiner, “The Kennedy Center-Stephen Sondheim Inspirational Teacher Awards announced Tuesday will award $10,000 grants [...]


Sondheim’s first major work as a composer/lyricist was SATURDAY NIGHT, a traditional-style musical comedy set in 1929 Brooklyn.  Gene, a low-level worker on Wall Street, so longs to be one of the financial elite he sees every day that he regularly dresses in tails, crashes parties, and convinces his friends to invest with him in [...]